Smart Views let you organize transactions 

just the way you like.

We all work differently — which for coordinating transactions often requires a supplementary spreadsheet, whiteboard, or second platform to get the information you need arranged in a way that works for you. 


But not anymore. 

Smart Views allows you to use the information already in your Preclose GO! transactions to instantly build your own customized views and workflow-specific worksheets. Arrange, sort, and filter information any way you like so you can move through transactions faster, without missing a beat.

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Create customized views.

Get ultimate peace of mind.

Preclose GO! Smart Views allow you to stay on top of key dates and deadlines, block and tackle your work, and never drop the ball on your customers.


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Ditch Your Spreadsheets

With Smart Views in Preclose GO!, you don’t need a spreadsheet. You can quickly create multiple customized views of all your data across transactions, so you can get actionable insights at a glance. It’s like getting a bird’s eye view — from five different angles.

Organize Transactions

You have your own process for coordinating transactions from start to finish. Whether you prefer to batch or block-and-tackle tasks across files, target accounts individually, or mix-and-match your methods, you can streamline your workflow however you like — without bulky filtering and sorting. 

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Everything in One Spot

Smart Views don’t limit you to the information you can fit into a cell (or squeeze into that last square inch of whiteboard). No matter how you’ve arranged your data, you’re always connected to all of the information associated with each transaction, including dates, details, tasks, milestones, contacts, documents, and more. 

Save Your Favorite Views

Sometimes you need the big picture, and sometimes you need the deeper details. Smart Views lets you have BOTH. Design multiple purpose-driven workflows like Accounts at a Glance, Upcoming Closings, Key Deadlines, Batching, and Team Meeting views — plus it’s super easy to toggle between your go-to views for quick answers.

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Run Better Meetings

Create unique views designed specifically for team meetings, so everyone can get the information they need to stay accountable and motivated. In just a few clicks, you can easily review your team’s status, discuss escalations, and celebrate big wins… and anything else you can imagine.

“I’m thankful that Preclose has done what it's done for me, that I can check things off and I'm not feeling overwhelmed. It's like the anxiety of knowing that there are so many things still left unattended to is gone. I don't know if it was just a godsend or whatever it was, but as soon as Preclose came into my life, it was like, everything else just fell in place.”

-Melisa Vinke, Owner, Elite Closing Solutions