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Incredible efficiency is just the beginning…

Preclose GO! does so much more.

As an alternative to Open To Close, Preclose GO! provides the tools you need to streamline closings and communicate more effectively — while delivering a superior client experience that elevates your brand.

Peak Productivity

Close more files in less time

Make no mistake: Preclose helps you get more done in less time so you can move closings forward faster — without missing a beat.

  • Streamline your workflow with transaction templates

  • Automate checklists, deadlines, and reminders

  • Stop switching between tabs and create your own custom workflows


“ There is no way that I can remember every single client’s name or every address that I’m working on. The @tokens just save me so much time, they save me from calling somebody the wrong name Preclose just puts everything in there for me and it’s super fast.

- Amy Newcomb, The Andy Bovender Team

Try Preclose GO! free for 14 days!            No credit card required.

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Bragworthy Client Experience

24/7 transparency for clients (and agents)

Preclose GO! takes your transactions to the next level by giving clients and agents complete visibility into the transaction. Cut the back-and-forth and get ready for stress-free closings and rave reviews.

  • Deliver a custom-branded, tech-enabled client experience

  • Control user permissions to prevent overwhelm

  • More wows = more referrals


Customers want transparency and that’s what Preclose delivers. Now everyone has full transparency about our dates, what’s coming up, when to connect with a client and when not to. It’s been huge for us.”

- Steven Rovithis, Broker/Owner, Rovithis Realty, LLC, Inc5000 Fastest Growing Company

Enhance Communication

Stay connected with your clients

Preclose makes it easy to communicate via email and secure chat, so you can keep everyone on the same page. 

  • Save time with email templates and smart @tokens

  • Get better, quicker responses with the Message Center

  • Move closings forward faster


“I get text messages like, ‘Hey we're 80% towards our closing!’ They're asking the questions without me even having to say anything. And that's so nice. With Preclose showing them the next step, they know where they're going and what they've got to get done.

- Melisa Vinke, Owner, Elite Closing Solutions

Smart Views

Tackle transactions any way you like

Arrange, sort, and filter information to customize your view and get the answers you need from your transaction data.

  • Sort your pipeline by any data field

  • Get actionable information at-a-glance, they way you like it

  • Save your favorite views for quick access

Preclose Smart Views_imac2015_front.png

The amount of thought that’s handled by Preclose is unbelievable. You look back and you're like, ‘I couldn't possibly have been doing a half decent job before we got this, there's just no way.’ Now with Preclose in the picture, it's totally different.”

- Hannah Hester, Dorsey Alston Realtors

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Integrated Tools

Instantly import transaction info

With integrations to Dotloop and SkySlope, you can easily import listing and closing information into Preclose GO! without retyping all the details.


“With Preclose, everything’s already in the system. I don’t have to duplicate any work. All the little details are already there. It streamlines everything for me.”

- Kelly Blackmon, Dotted Line Transactions

Connected Calendar

Juggle schedules like a pro

We’re constantly improving our platform to help closings move forward more efficiently and make your life easier.

  • Sync appointments, deadlines, and to-dos with your preferred calendar

  • Add key dates to your teammates’ calendars

  • Drag-and-drop to change an appointment


“If we miss deadlines, it looks bad for the agent, and it doesn't serve the client the best way. Preclose has taken care of questions like 'Oh, have you done this? Have you done that?' Everyone's on the same page."

- Catherine Evans, Keller Williams

Superior Support

A team of professionals at your fingertips

  • Find fast answers in our knowledge base

  • Get expert help from our support team

  • Speedy support response time

With dozens of help articles, a growing YouTube channel and an amazing support team, you can quickly get the answers and assistance you need so you can keep the ball rolling. 

Find out what leading TCs
are saying about Preclose GO!


Catherine Evans

Keller Williams

  • Managing 35+ transactions simultaneously

  • More time for herself and her family


Hannah Hester

Dorsey Alston

  • $1 Billion in annual transaction volume

  • 260 active agents


Amy Newcomb

The Andy Bovender Team

  • Top 1% of Compass teams nationally

  • 350+ annual transactions

Try Preclose GO! free for 14 days!            No credit card required.

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