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  • Karen Rogers

How to Bring the Dotloop Experience to Your Transaction Communications

Have you ever sent an evite to a group meeting or event only to have some of the invitees reply via email instead of clicking the ‘accept’ button?

It’s happened to the best of us and when it does, it turns a seemingly simple process into one that’s complicated and time consuming. Now you’ve got to create a separate list in addition to the one generated by your email software.

It’s a step you had hoped technology would help you skip. Instead, it only added more work to your plate.

The same thing can happen if you’re working with a variety of real estate tools cobbled together to connect the different stages and stakeholders in a transaction.

At Preclose, we know time is money. We’ve created a single system that streamlines the transaction coordination process, shortens the time it takes to access information, and keeps everyone up to date.

You already love Dotloop for its efficiency and user-friendliness. In this article, we’ll show you how Preclose GO! integrates with Dotloop to create a seamless experience for you and your customers.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

How Preclose and Dotloop Work Together

In case you’re not already one of the many raving Dotloop fans, let’s start with a quick recap of what the tool is and does.

Dotloop is a real estate transaction management solution that allows users (namely, transaction coordinators and real estate agents) to edit, complete, sign, and share documents in one central and secure place, without having to print anything out.

Preclose integrates with Dotloop deeply, allowing agents and transaction coordinators to instantly import signed documents, contacts, due dates, addresses, and more so that anyone involved in the transaction can view and edit the documents, and use the data for any number of tasks such as:

  • Sending copies of contracts, disclosures, and agreements

  • Accessing information, action plans, and due dates

  • Automatically sending emails to any of the parties involved in the transaction

Everything in One Place and One Place for Everything

With as many as 15 players in a single real estate transaction, you’ll never be able to keep everyone on the same page if your data is scattered across different spreadsheets and systems.

With Preclose and Dotloop, everything related to each transaction is neatly organized within a ‘Loop’. It’s your digital file cabinet storing everything you need related to a single transaction.

Just choose the Loop for the property you’re working on, and access everything you need from that one place.

Transaction coordinators no longer have to hunt or tug at agents’ sleeves to get the info they need. TCs simply select the relevant Loop, access the document, select the recipients, and quickly send a text or an email that can be automatically adjusted with the key dates, deadlines and even client name.

Ready to activate the integration? Log into your Preclose GO! account, click your profile picture on the top right-hand side, select My Profile, and scroll to the Dotloop section. From here, you can instantly import your Loops!

Agents and team leaders can follow up on the status of transactions or due dates just as easily, by choosing a Loop and reviewing the action plan.

You can also give clients full access to their transaction details and documents because their information is self-contained in a single Loop viewable via PrecloseGO!. Clients will see only the information that pertains to their property.

How Preclose GO! + Dotloop Makes Client Communication a Breeze

When you connect Dotloop with Preclose, you can instantly import documents and have ready access to the information you need.

Let’s say you are working with a client who’s made an offer on a house, and the seller comes back with a counter. You won’t have to look up the original offer in one place, the buyer’s contact information in another place, and the counter-offer in a third place.

Instead, you can simply call up an email template and pull the contact info and the offer details from one single location.

Even better, if your client accepts the offer, you’ll have the seller’s agent information at your fingertips too because it’s stored in the same central location with the other contacts for the transaction. You can respond in a flash and start working on the purchase agreement without delay.

No more hassles

Maybe you’ve done a good job of preparing templates for communicating everything from home inspections to earnest money deposits. You pull out a template to remind your client of an upcoming home inspection and you’re ready to go, right?

Not exactly. There’s still the matter of inserting your client’s name, the name of the inspection company and inspector, and the scheduled date of the inspection.

The time you saved by preparing the template will be lost if you have to hunt around for the information you need to personalize and customize your email. But when Preclose GO! and Dotloop are synced, you only need to:

  1. Choose the Loop you need

  2. Click on message

  3. Select an email template

  4. Let the system automatically insert names, addresses, and dates into your email!

Suppose you want to let your client know the counter offer was accepted, and you are preparing a purchase agreement. You can also use Preclose with Dotloop to customize any communications by using @tokens to automatically insert names and dates into a text or email and quickly keep your client up-to-date.

Give Clients, Agents, and Vendors All the Info they Need

These days, providing transparency is key to creating a stellar customer experience. It builds trust and confidence, and it helps agents get repeat business and referrals.

The good news is it’s easy to build transparency into the closing process when you connect Preclose with Dotloop.

You can give buyers, sellers, or vendors access to key documents, timelines, and schedules with just a few steps:

  1. Import the contact from the ‘Loop’

  2. Click on ‘allow user access’

  3. System sends an email or text to the contact

  4. Contact logs in to see the information shared

Easy peasy. By allowing clients access to see and review action plans for listings, closings, and everything in between, you can manage expectations and keep everyone on track.

Stay Ready with Answers at Your Fingertips

What if, like the renegade invitee at the beginning of our article, an agent, buyer, or seller has forgotten a detail or misplaced an email? Or maybe a vendor needs a quick answer…

When you think about it, a TC’s day is filled with interruptions like these.

If you’re closing multiple deals, the time spent answering these requests can really add up.

The Preclose + Dotloop integration gives you access to data from more than 30 fields to give quick responses to questions about:

  • Closing dates

  • Inspection due dates

  • HOA dues

  • Property construction

  • Commission percentages, and more

TCs and agents simply choose the Loop they need to easily find answers, and with Preclose integrated with your email and calendar, you can send responses quickly without switching windows or opening multiple screens.

Make Technology Work for You (Not the Other Way Around)

Some technology makes you work, and some technology works for you.

When used with Dotloop, Preclose GO! streamlines and unifies your transaction data so that everyone on your client experience team — whether that’s your agents, TCs or the clients themselves — can focus on creating the best possible closing experience.

While Dotloop gives you all the tools you need to manage a transaction headache-free, Preclose amplifies its power by helping you organize and communicate with everyone involved in the transaction — without ever getting lost in multiple screens or fies.

Ready to elevate the client experience?

Close more deals, faster, with better technology. Try Preclose GO! with Dotloop today and find out just how easy it can be!

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