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  • Karen Rogers

How to Tackle Tech Resistance in Your Real Estate TC Team

It’s no secret: the days of paper-based transactions are done.

But if you’ve got incredible transaction coordinators on your real estate team who have always used a tried-and-true manual or spreadsheet-based system to get things done, odds are you’re going to have some difficulty transitioning them to a fully digital contract-to-closing experience.

Tech resistance can crop up for a number of reasons, but often, it all comes down to fear:

Fear of losing control. Fear of being replaced. Fear of the unknown.

But here’s the thing. Millennial and Gen Z homebuyers don’t just want a digital real estate experience — they expect it. To meet the needs of these rising generations (and beat the competition), real estate brokers and teams must adopt modern technology that helps them work efficiently while delivering an exceptional client experience.

So what do you do to get your TC team on board with new tech? We’ll hook you up with no less than nine strategies to help your TCs not only learn how to use their new platform, but to actually enjoy using it!

Close more deals, faster, with better technology. Preclose GO! lets your TCs structure their workflows just how they like, while offering complete support and transparency to buyers and sellers. Check it out for free today!

Tips for beating tech resistance:

  1. Get the right perspective.

  2. Involve your team in the decision.

  3. Time your implementation right.

  4. Invest time in training.

  5. Let your TCs get the hang of it first.

  6. Help your team help each other.

  7. Make sure they understand the ‘Why.’

  8. Refine your hiring process.

  9. Choose a TC tool that makes it easy.

1. Get the right perspective.

Before you adopt new tech, you want to make sure you’ve got the right tool. But what works for a broker or team leader may not be the best solution for your TCs, and what works for one team may not be right for another.

That’s why it’s so important to get feedback from the right people. After all, there can be a big difference between what different roles need the system to do.

When broker Steven Rovithis heard about Preclose from an actual transaction coordinator, he knew he needed to pay attention.

“It wasn’t some broker/owner. It was the TCs telling me, ‘Your people need to use this, it’s going to make their lives so much easier,’” he says. “When it comes from another TC who’s been in the same boat as my TCs, experiencing the exact same pain — that means a lot.”

2. Involve your team in the decision.

For some teams, an even better approach is to involve your TC team in the selection process.

Feeling a sense of ownership over the solution, versus feeling it’s being forced on them, can help accelerate adoption.

That’s how Amy Newcomb was able to find a tool that meshed well with her way of working. Amy’s team leader Andy Bovender put her to the task of finding the perfect platform, and her search brought her to Preclose GO!.

“I started a spreadsheet and got trials of all kinds of different transaction management programs,” she says. “I just liked the Preclose interface. I thought it was easy to use. I liked how it was customizable between the intake form and the transaction templates.”

3. Time your implementation right.

When you’re adding an awesome new tool to your tech stack, it’s easy to get excited and want to start as quickly as possible. But “right away” isn’t always the best time for your TCs — and opting for the wrong time will only make it harder for them to get on board.

Steven Rovithis learned this one the hard way. Their lead TC was slammed training two virtual assistants and picking up the slack for another team member who quit.

“She’d been working overtime plus training...and then I said, ‘Oh, can you go train on this new platform?’” Steven explains.

Looking back, he would have handled the situation differently. “It should have been done at a time where she was not so busy, that wasn’t such a high stress point,” he says.

By getting the timing right, your TCs are likely to be more open and receptive to learning something new.

4. Invest in training.

With tech-savvy TCs, you can often get away with letting them poke around in the new system and figure it out on their own.

But for team members who aren’t so comfortable with technology, a hands-off approach would be like dropping them in a foreign country where they don’t speak the language. It just won’t work…and it could even backfire.

To get the results you want from your team and the new tool, it’s absolutely vital to take the time for training — especially if team members are resistant to the idea.

Real estate coach David Breckheimer believes strongly in investing in people and their roles. After all, these “support staff” are the ones who can make or break the goals you’re trying to achieve.

“As you’re intentional about investing into your support staff, the potential for return can and will greatly outweigh the cost. This investment will, in turn, have a major effect on your business and your customers’ experience throughout the buying and selling process,” David explains.

In other words, training your team and helping them get familiar with the new system is essential to getting any ROI out of the investment.

5. Let your TCs get the hang of it first.

Some of the best real estate software tools are designed to be used dynamically throughout the business. For example, while Preclose GO! is a transaction coordination software, it also helps TCs stay connected with agents and clients as well.

But rolling the tool out to all roles at once? Not the best idea.

When Amy Newcomb started using Preclose, she needed to get her bearings before bringing the agents into the equation.

“We really didn’t roll it out to everybody for maybe a month after I had been using it,” Amy says. “The team leader and I wanted to work out any kinks and ask any questions to try to get clarity before we rolled it out to the whole team.”

Once Amy was comfortable with the platform, she was able to determine her preferred way of working, and then use her knowledge and expertise to train the agents.

6. Help your team help each other.

While helping to update and modernize your TC team is important, that doesn’t mean your paper-preferring team members are obsolete.

In fact, their depth of knowledge and experience can be a major advantage for your team.

One of the best ways to use that experience and knowledge while helping them overcome tech resistance is to have your team train each other. For example, your senior TCs can help newer TCs navigate the challenges and unexpected twists and turns of a transaction while the more tech-savvy TCs can train the others on how to use the new system.

7. Make sure they understand the “Why.”

Perhaps the most important strategy of all is to help your team get united around the “why” of a new tool, process or system.

For your TCs who are a little more set in their ways, the decision to go all-in on the digital experience may not make sense to them. After all, their way works…and they’re good at doing things their way. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

That’s why it’s so crucial to help your team understand why you’re adopting the new software and how it fits into your overall business objectives and mission. You can showcase the benefits it’ll provide for their workflow, demonstrate the value it provides for agents, and explore the radically-improved client experience.

As you rally your team around your true purpose, you can also inspire them to try something new.

Preclose Smart Views make it easy for your TCs to recreate the workflows they already know and love, while helping them provide a stellar experience for clients.

8. Refine your hiring process.

The fact of the matter is, the real estate industry is getting more technological as time goes on, not less. Meanwhile, customer expectations are only getting higher.

That means as you continue to build your team or brokerage, digital literacy should be a top hiring priority. You want TCs who can quickly plug in and get up to speed, who can use the tools you provide to the greatest advantage, and who can deliver a modern closing experience for today’s clients.

The alternative is to hire (or keep) team members who will only get frustrated with the system. Setting people up to fail shouldn’t be an option.

You may also find that the only solution is to let a truly tech-resistant team member go. While some teams are able to work with both paper-based and digital transaction processes, it’s a lot easier if everyone stays on the same paperless page.

9. Choose a TC tool that makes implementation easy.

Of course, you can follow all of this advice and still run into hiccups if the tool you choose isn’t user-friendly.

On the other hand, an intuitive platform will help your team feel successful sooner and jumpstart your results. Take it from Hannah Hester, a licensed Realtor and Director of Closings at Dorsey Alston: Preclose GO! customers:

​​“When I first tried Preclose, it was like ‘Holy moly, I'm just using this without even trying,” she says. And because it’s so easy to use, she has more bandwidth to deliver high-quality work and a top-notch customer experience.

“Before Preclose, I would spend so much time looking things up before I could even send out an amendment. Now I just upload the amendment, click the drop down menu and tag whoever's relevant. The thought is gone. The brain cell amounts involved have dropped,” she explains.

“And so, I can spend that time doing so much more. It removes the error in a lot of ways, so you get more time and energy to spend on other things like going more in depth. Now I worry about further details instead of mistakes.”

At Preclose, we believe every new system should come with complete support from a 100% human team. We offer a complete library of Help Resources, a YouTube channel full of step-by-step videos, and even a private Facebook mastermind for new users.

Got questions about how to get your team started with Preclose GO!? Feel free to contact us anytime.

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