• Chelsea Donovan

Master Your Contract-to-Closing Pipeline: 5 Must-Know Tips to Keep the Closings Coming

Any team lead will tell you that regularly reviewing your real estate sales pipeline is crucial to your success. So why do so many team leaders and brokers seem to take a reactive approach when a deal is under contract?

Rather than consistently checking in with the deals under contract, and creating a system to manage them, they become preoccupied with generating new leads and nurturing existing prospects, only to waste precious time and resources putting out fires during the final stages of a transaction.

It’s a big mistake and one that can cost thousands of dollars in missed opportunities and repeat business if a weekly under contract pipeline meeting isn't in place. Here are a few actionable steps to make sure you get more leads out of your existing real estate pipeline, even after a deal goes under contract.

Why It’s Important to Monitor Your Agents’ Closing Pipelines

Success in real estate is all about closing deals, but with so many moving parts in the transaction coordination process, the last thing you want is for your agents or TCs to drop the ball at the eleventh hour.

There’s no way to sugarcoat it. Without a regular closing pipeline review (also called under contract pipeline meeting), you expose your team to the following risks:

  1. Lost deals - One major mistake is assuming your TC has everything under control when in realit