• Chelsea Donovan

Real Estate Closing Gifts: 20+ Ideas To Wow Your Clients

Closing gifts are a hotly debated topic among Realtors, but you can put us decidedly on Team Gifts for one simple reason: client experience.

If you want your client relationships to extend beyond the transaction, a closing gift is a great way to cement a favorable experience in your client’s mind. But choosing a closing gift that is worthy of being remembered is easier said than done.

We’ve got your back with over 20 out-of-the-box closing gift ideas, plus tips for how to choose the right gift based on customer demographics, property price points, and more to help you pinpoint the perfect client gift for your next closing — and beyond.

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The Best Real Estate Closing Gifts for Clients

  • Customized Return Address Stamp

  • Pet ID Tags

  • State-Shaped Goods

  • Map Art

  • Custom Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

  • Local Specialties Gift Basket

  • First Night(s) Survival Kit

  • Professional Services

  • Meal Kit Delivery Service

  • New Home Supplies

  • Home Improvement Gift Card

  • Smart Devices

  • Snow Survival Kit

  • Welcome to Warm Kit

  • A Local Experience

  • Personalized Family Mugs

  • Yard Games

  • New Home Photoshoot

  • Certificate to a Local Animal Shelter

  • Custom Artwork

  • Housewarming Party

  • Charitable Donation

  • Seasonal Gifts

Real Estate Closing Gifts for Clients: It’s About Them (Not You)

When choosing a closing gift, you’ll want to consider what types of things your client might appreciate. Take into consideration:

  • Are they single or married?

  • Do they have children at home?

  • Do they have pets?

  • Where are they moving from?

  • What types of things do they like to do?

  • Is this their first home?

  • Was it a high price point transaction?

  • What excites them about their new home?

All of this information can help you choose a gift that feels personal to them.

Before we do anything else, let’s be clear: We’re not going to recommend any items that have your team brand or brokerage all over it. A gift that is genuinely thoughtful and personal is more likely to keep you top-of-mind than a generic piece of swag.

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Personalized Closing Gifts

Nothing makes people feel special like creating something that’s just for them. These personalized closing gifts are sure to satisfy!

Customized Return Address Stamp

Make the new home purchase feel extra official with an attractive return address stamp. If the holiday season is around the corner, your clients will love to have it for their Christmas and other holiday cards!

Pet ID Tags

Surprise pet-loving clients with cute customized tags for their furry friends featuring their brand new address. Add on a pet subscription box for a little extra love and stay top of mind for months to come!

State-Shaped Goods

The places we’ve lived shape our identity. Whether your client is moving to or from another state, a state-shaped spoon rest or cheese board can be a wonderful welcome gift or memento (although that may depend on the state — looking at you, Wyoming and Hawaii).

Map Art

Having artwork on the walls is a quick way to make a new house feel like a home. Give your clients a custom map of their new area or another place that is meaningful to them to help their new place feel more their own.

Custom Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Help your client kick back in their new home with a wall mounted bottle opener, customized with their name and the year of the home purchase. Better yet, pair it with a local brew to break it in! This can be a great gift for single men and anyone who loves to entertain outdoors.

Local Specialties Gift Basket

Take your client’s taste into account with a gift basket filled with local goodies like bakery items, jams or preserves, soaps and lotions, etc. This can also be a great opportunity to introduce your client to your favorite local small businesses, including nurseries, florists, bakeries, gift shops, restaurants, and more.

Practical Closing Gifts

Sometimes the best gift is the one that just makes sense. These practical closing gifts are perfect for the no-nonsense client.

First Night(s) Survival Kit – ($20-50 budget range!)

Make your client’s first night (or two) in their new home a little bit easier with a first night survival kit including paper plates and cutlery, napkins, hand soap, TP, a box knife, etc. Top it all off with a pizza or food delivery, and you’ll have some happy campers. This is a great gift for busy families and do-it-yourself movers.

Professional Services

A few hours of hired help can be an excellent (and much appreciated) gift — especially if it’s not the kind of thing your client would normally spend money on themselves. Depending on your client’s needs, that could be:

  • Unpacking

  • Cleaning

  • Organizing

  • Lawn care and yard work

  • Handyman

  • Interior design consult

Meal Kit Delivery Service

Help your client break in a new kitchen with a meal kit delivery service. For the same price as a fancy night out, you can easily provide a week’s worth of meals — and simplify their life.

*Don’t-Miss Tip: Determine any dietary needs before giving this gift.

New Home Supplies – ($20-50 budget range!)

If this is your buyer’s first home, or you know they’re a stickler for cleanliness, a loaded toolbox might be just the thing. One buyer shared:

At closing, our builder gave us an orange tool box packaged up like a gift basket and filled with cleaning supplies. What made it so unique was that almost everything in the box had orange packaging — their signature color. Very thoughtful and on-brand, but also very useful!” - A.G.

Which just goes to show, you can still create a signature experience with your brand without using your logo!

Home Improvement Gift Card – ($25+ budget range!)

Just because it’s a gift card doesn’t mean it’s not personal. If your client bought a fixer upper and you know they’re committed to the DIY life, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to a home improvement store.

Smart Devices

For the tech-savvy home buyer, smart home devices will be a must. Help your client bring their new home up to speed with:

  • An Amazon Echo or Google Nest smart speaker

  • Indoor or outdoor smart plugs

  • Smart switches

  • Smart doorbell camera

  • Smart thermostat

  • Bluetooth light bulbs

  • Smart scent diffusers

Take it the extra mile by sending out a handyman to complete the installation.

Snow Survival Kit

If your client is moving from a much warmer climate to a snowy one, help them make the transition by providing some of the much-needed tools to help them deal with the snow — a quality snow shovel, de-icing salt, an ice scraper for their car, toe warmers, gloves, a sled, hot chocolate, etc.

Welcome to Warm

On the other hand, if your client is moving from a cool climate to a warm one, take the opposite approach and outfit them with the essentials for your local area: oversized beach towels, a beach umbrella, deck chairs, sunscreen, pool floaties… or even mosquito spray and citronella candles.

Closing Gifts for Families with Kids

Moving is a challenging experience for everyone — but it can be especially difficult for kids. Closing gifts are a great opportunity for you to help smooth your client’s transition and get their whole family excited about their new place.

A Local Experience

Help your clients get to know the local area with a gift certificate to unique local experiences. Whether it’s a cool museum, historical tour, or adventurous excursion, you can introduce them to some of the best your city has to offer. (Keep the ages of your client’s children in mind!)