Real Estate Branding Revisited: Can You Describe Your Business in Just 3 Words?

What makes a great real estate brand?

We all love standout yard signage, stunning business cards, and swoon-worthy swag. But your brand is so. much. more. than that.

Your brand is the reputation you carry and the promise you deliver. It’s creating a strong, cohesive brand message in the real estate buyer journey — from the first clicks of the mouse to the clink of keys at closing.

Here’s how to create a consistent brand message that resonates with your clients and your team and weave it into your culture and customer experience using just three little words: your brand values.

How distinct brand values make your entire business better

Whether you’re just starting to get strategic about it or envisioning a total rebrand, building an unforgettable real estate brand takes work. But the good news is that establishing your brand really comes down to defining who you are and what you care about — whether as an individual or a team.

After you’ve reflected on your brand values, try to condense them down into three(ish) distinct words that are easy to remember and act on.