• Chelsea Donovan

The Top 10 Post-Closing Dos and Don’ts for Real Estate Agents

After weeks (if not months) of effort, you and your client finally get to the closing table. Everything goes off without a hitch, they’re thrilled to finally take possession, and you’re thrilled to finally get paid.

So what happens next?

For some agents, it’s time to pivot all of their focus to snatch up the next shiny new lead and start chasing after their next deal…all before the ink on their commission check is even dry.

But if you understand the true value of your client relationships, you know that closing a deal shouldn’t mean closing a door. You recognize that your sphere of influence, including past clients, is the best source for reviews and referrals — so nurturing those relationships is still a high priority, even after closing.

If you want to ace your clients’ post-closing experience, this post is for you: Our top ten do’s and don’ts for maintaining a strong connection with your clients after the transaction is complete.