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  • Chelsea Donovan

13 Closing Day Memes to Help Your Real Estate Clients Celebrate

By the time closing day rolls around, you and your clients have gone through a lot. With all the hard work (not to mention paperwork) finally behind you, a celebration is definitely in order.

Your closing process probably already includes sending clients a closing gift and thank you letter. But there’s something about getting an amusing message right on your phone that’s more immediate and well, just more… fun.

That’s right. We’re talking memes.

Remember, buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions your clients can make. It’s stressful, even when the process goes smoothly. That’s why the right closing day meme can feel like a real-time sigh of relief for both you and them.

By popping the right closing day meme into a quick text or email message, agents and TCs also have one more chance to show off their personality and bring a truly branded client experience full circle. It can be funny, serious, thoughtful, or cheeky, but whatever the style — it should put a smile on your client’s face.

We’ve collected some of the funniest, most attention-grabbing memes on the internet to help you celebrate this major milestone with your clients.

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All about closing day memes:

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The do’s and don’ts of sending memes to real estate clients (+ examples!)

Up until the deal finally closed, your client relationship has been, if not all business, mostly so.

Sure, you might have traded a few jokes or personal anecdotes, but chances are your conversations with clients have been mostly focused on the prize — landing them in their dream home.

Memes are an opportunity to step outside those boundaries and develop the kind of relationship that will make this client a happy and active member of your real estate SOI. But taking that first step toward a more casual and personal relationship can also be a little daunting.

Here are a few tips for hitting the right note with your closing day memes.

1. Pause before sending

Your first instinct might be, ‘Wow, this is funny,’ but what’s funny to you might put some clients off, or even come off as offensive. 😬

Memes had their origins in social media, and as with all things social media, it’s important to take a breath and think about the message from the recipient’s point of view before hitting that send button.

Source: Here’s an example of a message that can go very right or rub salt in still-fresh wounds, depending on the audience. A couple who openly acknowledged their differences of opinion and took the disagreements in stride during house hunting might appreciate the inside joke. Not so much for the couple whose differences made for more than a few tense moments.

2. Take baby steps with your closing day memes

You don’t want to shock your customer into this new and friendlier relationship, so don’t stray too far from the professional interactions you had during the transaction.

Source: Endearing pet photos are always a safe bet, and even better if your client’s family includes a pooch.

3. Know your customer

Be certain you’re using references your customer will know and appreciate.

No matter how much you loved Game of Thrones, unless you know for certain your client was also a huge fan, you’ll probably want to go with a less specific reference.

Source: The Lord of Winterfell might have been your favorite Game of Thrones character, but he won’t help you make a connection if your customer never watched the show.

You’ll also want to check for references that might be completely foreign to customers of different generations.

Source: Yoda is as familiar to every generation as Santa Claus, and his quirky way of speaking is always smile-worthy. Extra credit for using this meme when your customers are also fans of Star Wars.

4. Get a little goofy

Let’s not forget that buying or selling a home comes with a fair helping of excitement.

You can match your clients’ enthusiasm by getting a little silly with your meme.

Sorce: If your customers’ sense of humor is a little goofy — or if you lean that way (hey, no judgment here) — don’t be afraid to get a little silly with your closing day meme or gif.

5. Tie it back to a client favorite

Let’s face it. You’re probably not going to develop a strong rapport with every single client. There may be some that you feel you still don’t know that well, even by the time the deal closes.

The trick is to use what you do know when selecting a meme.

For example, if you’ve had convos with your client about favorite movies or TV shows, choose a meme that references one of them.

Source: This “Friends” meme does double duty by using familiar, fun imagery and conveying the excitement your clients are feeling about finally finding a home they love.

Or if your client mentioned more than once that they intend to pour themselves a nice, stiff drink when the transaction closes, look for messaging that relates.

Source: Who wouldn’t want a well-earned ‘Cheers!’ after a lengthy closing process? And the message is spot on for capturing the long road to a successful close.

6. Sell the dream with your closing day meme

It’s a big moment when a deal closes, but it’s also a time to celebrate a new beginning. Some memes can show your real estate clients that you understand how much they’re looking forward to their next chapter.

Source: Here’s a pup that exemplifies just what your clients are feeling about their new home.

Source: Your clients don’t need to be retirees to appreciate the sentiment of this meme.

Source: This meme looks more like a greeting card, but the message of ‘Congrats on your new beginning!’ comes across loud and clear.

7. Babies and pets are always a good fallback

Advertisers have long known that babies and pets sell.

Memes with babies and/or fur babies are always a great option for grabbing attention in any situation, but especially when you’re stuck without a common reference point to use.

Source: What else can you say about this cute little fellow looking as if he’s just conquered the world? Surely, your clients must be feeling the same way.

Bonus closing day memes to help generate referrals

The internet is chock-full of closing day memes that promote agents. But it’s a good idea to think twice before using your own point of view for a meme.

You’ve reached this final point in the transaction by putting your client’s needs and interests first, closing day isn’t the time to switch gears.

That said, you can find memes that do a little of both by talking about how happy it makes you to have helped your clients reach a successful close.

Source: There’s talking about yourself and then there’s this approach. The meme definitely comes from the agent’s point of view, but it also puts the client front and center.

If you can’t resist the urge to take advantage of closing day by planting a seed for referrals in your client’s mind, try doing it in a light-hearted way like this meme:

Source: It’s hard to get put off by a referral request this cute, whatever the timing.

Leave a lasting impression with the right closing day meme

With the right closing day meme, you can celebrate the fact that any struggles you and your real estate clients may have encountered during the transaction are finally behind you. Now, it’s time to relax and enjoy! 🙌🏽

And as a major bonus, by simply sending a fun and relatable meme on closing day, you’re signalling that you’re in it for the long term. You’ll leave your clients with the confidence of knowing that you’re someone who will stay in touch and always be available to assist as they begin their new chapter.

The best part? You can use the same PrecloseGO! Chat Experience you used to send quick reminders and other notes to your clients throughout the closing process, to also share memes, pics, gifs, videos or anything else you like to help celebrate this awesome win together.

Here’s to your closing success!

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