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Deliver Faster & Better Closings with Preclose GO!

Elevate your productivity with Preclose GO! Our platform provides streamlined processes and all-in-one client and agent communication to help you stay organized, save time and close more transactions — with less stress.

How It Works

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Add your first email template.

Get those go-to messages out of your head and into Preclose GO! Use @tokens to personalize every email without endless copy/paste!

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Input a checklist.

Set up your transaction checklist exactly how you like it or borrow a template from our library! Add dates, tasks, and milestones —then save it to use again and again.


Connect an integration.

Get all your systems in sync by connecting your Dotloop or Skyslope account to Preclose GO!

Know what needs to be done, and when

As a transaction coordinator, you live and breathe checklists. In Preclose GO!, you can turn your go-to checklists into transaction templates and task lists to keep everything organized and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.


Easily close 30+ files per month

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Use your transaction info to instantly build your own customized Smart Views. Arrange, sort, and filter information any way you like. With a complete streamlined view, you can move through transactions faster, stay on top of deadlines, and find quick answers without missing a beat.


" If we miss deadlines, it looks bad for the agent, and it doesn't serve the client the best way. Preclose has taken care of questions like 'Oh, have you done this? Have you done that?' Everyone's on the same page."

- Catherine Evans, Keller Williams

Put reminders on autopilot

When you integrate your email  account with Preclose GO!, you can send, receive, and save emails in the same place you organize and complete tasks. With our email templates, you can craft the perfect message… then use it again and again and again. Plus, you don’t have to worry about remembering names, addresses, and dates thanks to our signature @tokens. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you — and you barely have to lift a finger.

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“ There is no way that I can remember every single client’s name or every address that I’m working on. The @tokens just save me so much time, they save me from calling somebody the wrong name Preclose just puts everything in there for me and it’s super fast.”

- Amy Newcomb, The Andy Bovender Team

Everything you need, all in one place

Preclose GO! integrates with Skyslope, Dotloop, and Docusign so you don’t have to duplicate your work when managing contacts and transactions. And with side-by-side document viewing, you can avoid switching back and forth between tabs and screens when you need to refer back to a document.

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Stay in sync with agents

Communication between agent and TC is key to keep a transaction moving smoothly — and Preclose GO! makes staying on the same page effortless. You can easily automate reminders for clients and agents, while our calendar integration allows you to 
add key dates to teammates’ calendars for ultra-simple scheduling and painless coordination. 


" It's one of the things you look back at and you're like, ‘I couldn't possibly have been doing a half decent job before we got this, there's just no way.’ Now with Preclose in the picture, it's just totally different. "

- Hannah Hester, Dorsey Alston

Be the best at what you do

You’re more than an admin. You’re the sherpa in your clients’ real estate experience, taking them through one of the biggest transactions of their lives. With Preclose GO!, you can seamlessly share information with clients to give them convenient visibility into their transaction status. That means fewer ‘where are we?’ emails, less phone tag, and a more empowered home buying or selling experience — for everyone.


A better closing experience is possible. We’ll show you how.

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Find out what leading TCs
are saying about Preclose GO!


Catherine Evans

Keller Williams

  • Managing 35+ transactions simultaneously

  • Still having time for herself and her family


Hannah Hester

Dorsey Alston

  • $1 Billion in annual transaction volume

  • 260 active agents


Amy Newcomb

The Andy Bovender Team

Too Many Hats, Not Enough Time: How One  Linchpin TC Makes the Most of Every Minute

  • Top 1% of Compass teams nationally

  • 350+ annual transactions

Preclose works with the best in real estate

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