There’s a better way to manage
your time and tasks

Time is money. But if you’re bouncing back and forth between your to-do list, inbox, and calendar, you’ll end up wasting a lot of it. 

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could manage your upcoming meetings, appointments, deadlines, and tasks in one place?

With the calendar integration in Preclose GO!, it’s now easier than ever to keep track of your to-dos, stay in sync with clients and agents, and close more files faster.

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Juggling schedules has
never been easier. 

Integrate Preclose with your preferred calendar and instantly stay on the same page with clients and team members by syncing appointments, deadlines, and other to-dos. Automatically update calendar entries for all parties any time you make a change, without sending unnecessary emails. It’s just one way Preclose makes it easier to provide ultimate convenience for your clients.

See it all, so you can do it all

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Get it All in a Glance

Let’s be real. Trying to remember and track every important date across all your workflows, calendars, and task lists is a recipe for insanity. With the calendar view in Preclose, you can filter all of your data — including deadlines, tasks, and appointments — and see everything in one streamlined screen. 

Drag-and-Drop Time Management

Overbooked? Scheduling conflict? Don’t worry. Changing an appointment or pushing a deadline is an easy fix using the calendar view in Preclose. Just grab the event or task you want to change and move it to a different date on the calendar. The details will update auto-magically. ✨

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easily switch between chat messages and

Say Goodbye to Manual Updates


Missing a deadline or appointment is not a good look, but what if you forget to set a reminder or update your calendar? When you change a date in Preclose, it will automatically update to ensure you never miss a reminder.

Stay on the Same Page

It takes a team of professionals to get buyers and sellers through a real estate transaction. But keeping everyone in sync can be a (massively time-consuming) challenge. Preclose keeps all parties informed of any changes or updates, so no one ever misses a beat.  

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“With the calendar view, you get different ways of viewing what you're supposed to do that day. For example, these are the things that are coming up in your timeline versus what to expect to be done now.”

- Melisa Vinke

Owner, Elite Closing Solutions

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