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Create the Ultimate Client Experience with Preclose GO!

As the ONLY digital real estate platform offering a home buying and selling experience, Preclose GO! has completely transformed the way agents, buyers, and sellers do business. There simply isn’t a better way to do real estate.

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Create the ultimate client experience for home buyers and sellers with Preclose GO!

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The ONLY Digital Client Experience Platform

Experience true transparency from your phone. The Preclose GO! platform works by creating instant visibility into the latest on your transaction without delays. 

Say hello to an amazingly simple home buying or selling experience.

Home Buying and Selling Made Easy

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Access schedules, deadlines, and other critical dates related to your real estate transaction from the palm of your hand.

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Get up-to-date transaction status information, from anywhere, at any time.

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Convenient Communication

Stay engaged in the transaction process from start to finish via our simple and intuitive chat-like platform.

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Easily Accessible Documents

Securely upload and share important transaction documents from your phone at any time.

Provide Clients With A Digital Home Buying And Selling Experience

Save your clients from unnecessary headaches. With Preclose GO! communication and collaboration is made so simple and transparent, your buyers and sellers will be referring you to friends and family without hesitation.


Simple Technology with Exceptional Results

Close more deals, faster, with better technology. Preclose GO! lets you take the home buying and selling process into your own hands — literally — resulting in more closed deals, happier clients and increased referrals.

All the Features You Need and More

Wow clients with modern features and functionality. Preclose GO! offers buyers and sellers convenient access to every document so they can review while they're walking the dog or in line at the grocery store.


Platform Features


Mobile or Desktop, Chat-like Communication & Collaboration

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Signature Home Buying &
Selling Client Experience


Exclusive Access to Ancillary Service Marketplace


Secure, Centralized

Document Management 

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Autofill Details

 Via Chat


User-friendly eSignature Integrations


Easy & Efficient Volume Management


360 Degree Transaction Coordination

Customer Success Stories

Why real estate professionals and clients say, “GO!”

"I love how user friendly Preclose is. I like that I can allow my agent access to their transaction. It's just one of the easiest programs I have used for real estate transactions."


Kelly Blackmon
Dotted Line Transactions

Platform Features

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Intake Experience

Finally, a chat-like Intake Experience to easily accept and add transactions on mobile or desktop. 

Email Integration

Send, receive and save emails directly in GO! for Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or any other email provider.

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Signature Client Experience

Signature transparency and visibility for agents, homeowners and sellers.



Save your own dates, details, tasks and milestones to a template in one step!

Email Templates

Setup your email templates with the information that matters most and make copy and paste a thing of the past.

Message Center

With all of your emails, secure chats and texts in one spot, communicating has never been easier.

Document Viewer

Save time with a side-by-side display of documents and avoid back and forth between screens.

Block and Tackle

Easily filter task names to block and tackle your work.

Calendar Integration

Add key dates to others' calendars in a snap. Keep it in sync with a 2-way sync.



(Coming Soon) Send and track text messages on any transaction. 


Contact Management

View all of your contacts on a transaction in one location.


Always Innovating

We love to hear pain points and reimagine an experience which is 10x better...

Seamless Integrations

PrecloseGO! can be used as a standalone product, or as a valuable add-on to the software you’ve already invested in.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate my Gmail or Outlook email account?

Yes! You can easily integrate your Gmail, Outlook or any other email account within Preclose GO! Find out more in this helpful support article!

How long does it take to set up Preclose GO!?

Preclose GO! can be set up in just minutes. We’ll guide you through the setup and email integration process, and just in case you need help, you can always email our Support Team,, or visit our knowledgebase.

Do you have email templates to avoid copy and paste?

Email templates are coming soon! Sign up on our website for Product Updates to be updated as soon as they become available.

Is Preclose GO! a solution made only for Transaction Coordinators?

Preclose has been serving transaction coordinators for the last 4+ years as their trusted solution to simplify the transaction. With our new, innovative Preclose GO! client experience software, we also help agents, teams, brokers, transaction coordinators, as well as buyers and sellers along their transaction journey. Get started with our 14-day Free Trial now!

Can I send texts in Preclose GO!?

The ability to send texts directly from Preclose GO! is coming soon. Sign up on our website for Product Updates to be updated as soon as they become available.

My agents don’t like to fill out forms, how does your Intake Workflow work to replace forms?

We all know that agents don’t like to fill out forms. Preclose GO! Allows agents to easily transition a file to a transaction coordinator through a customizable chat-based workflow. Now, getting the details from your transaction into Preclose GO! is easy as chat! Find out more in this helpful support article.

Can I use Preclose GO! with existing applications, like Skyslope, and Dotloop?

Preclose GO! was specifically designed to integrate with existing software that brokers and other industry professionals are already using in their tech stack. These integrations are coming soon. Sign up for updates on our website to learn when it becomes available.

How much does it cost?

There is a pricing plan that works for everyone, whether you are an agent, team lead, transaction coordinator or broker! Visit our pricing page for more information.

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