Transaction Coordination for Agents and Teams

PrecloseTC provides real estate agents, teams, and brokerages with dedicated, virtual Transaction Coordinators to manage closings and all the moving parts that go with them.

Why PrecloseTC?

PrecloseTC allows agents to FOCUS ON NEW BUSINESS.

Communication is streamlined & handled in the Preclose, SECURE SYSTEM.

We partner with you to add STRATEGIC PROCESS to closings.

CLIENTS love their 24/7 closing experience.

And, our (fun) team is all US-based in Charleston, SC!

PrecloseTC is the only solution built to scale with your business, no matter how many transactions you have.

Single Agents

Single agents looking to hire their first TC or just for a more efficient closing process.


Small or large teams looking to expand and increase their volume.


Brokerages wanting to increase accountability, maintain a competitive advantage, and recruit and retain the best agents around.

*PrecloseTC provides the following services for $250 per transaction:
(unless otherwise defined per the agreement)

For Contracts

  • Review of all deadlines and timelines
  • Creation of detailed Closing Plan
  • Executed contract delivered electronically to applicable parties in the transaction
  • Confirmation of escrow deposit (with receipt)
  • All parties contacted via an introductory e-mail invitation to participate in the transaction
  • Coordination of Power of Attorney (as necessary)

  • Scheduling of inspections for home (including termite, radon, well, etc. (where required)) within the time frame specified in the contract
  • Automatic email notification to all parties of scheduled inspections
  • Negotiation/documentation of repairs (as needed)
  • Verification of repairs and collection of receipts

  • Review title commitment
  • Acquire existing survey and title policy (if valid)
  • Order survey and elevation certificate (as needed)
  • Confirm home warranty is ordered (including email receipt to client)

  • Ensure that all insurance related tasks are performed
  • Monitor insurance quotes that are binding for closing date
  • Send all documentation and invoices electronically to title company and lender
Home Owners Association

  • Copies of deed restrictions/documents sent electronically to buyer
  • Confirm buyer application and interview (if required)
  • Send approval to title company

  • Confirm mortgage application with Loan Officer
  • Confirm ordering of appraisal and monitor appraisal results
  • Track underwriting process, including loan commitment and clear to close

  • Provide title company with DA and final walk-thru form
  • Schedule final walk-thru
  • Coordinate closing time and location with all parties
  • Convey all final closing instructions to buyer and seller  
  • Track delivery of lender’s closing documents to title company
  • Review all charges on the final closing disclosures

PrecloseTC clients will need to provide:
  • Executed agreement allowing PrecloseTC to act as your Transaction Coordinator, which includes consent for PrecloseTC to act as a Transaction Coordinator for other brokers or agents.
  • Fully executed contract, addendums, and contact information for all parties for each transaction (may be accessed by PrecloseTC via Dotloop integration).
  • Deliver escrow deposit to title company.
  • Attend home inspection(s).
  • Attend scheduled appraisal (if required).
  • Attend final walk through and closing.
  • Answer any buyer or seller questions on title, financing, or closings (other than time and location).

It’s Time to Hire a

Transaction Coordinator If:

You wish you had more time to better serve your clients.

You need an extra day in the week to answer all your phone calls and emails.

Your exercise routine is chasing down signatures.

You spend more time making sure everyone’s done their job instead of filling your pipeline with new business.

Get started with PrecloseTC.