The Superpowers
of Preclose

Manage closings the way you always knew they should be: streamlined, efficient, stress-free. With you calling the shots, and Preclose as your sidekick, you can wrangle closings better than any superhero...or at least your clients will think so.

Who Can Be a Preclose Superhero?

Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Give your clients customized closing plans to help them navigate the Preclose. Today’s consumers have an expectation of an easy modern experience with instant access to information. By taking the closing online, everyone has access to the information they want and 100% transparency into the status of a closing 24/7.

Mortgage Pros

Mortgage pros can easily collaborate online with homebuyers, closing attorneys, agents, and their teams during a closing. They’re able to let everyone know when key milestones are complete and instantly send or request documents. The best part is they're able to manage their entire process without having to log into the Preclose system to complete an action.

Closing Managers

Preclose allows Closing Managers to give agents, buyers, and pros the information they need to get answers about a closing, with less interruption to their daily workflow. Closing Managers love Preclose because they can do more work in less time, while maintaining an unforgettable closing experience.

Closing Attorneys, Title, & Escrow Agents

Preclose allows closing professionals to have a direct line to information they need from mortgage lenders, home buyers, and real estate agents to keep closings moving smoothly. It’s like their own crystal ball. They know who is handling the financing, have all their contact information, and can easily request and store receipts and closing documents for each transaction.

Other Pros

Other Preclose Pros are able to quickly receive details of a contract and easily communicate with buyers, agents, and closing managers via chat. They can streamline their involvement for issuing quotes, scheduling appointments, or managing repairs without confusion. The best part is we make it possible for them to do their job without having to log in and learn another system. Our Preclose Pros include:

  • Home Insurance Pros
  • Home Inspectors
  • Repair Pros
  • Termite Pros
  • Surveyors
  • Home Warranty Companies
  • And more…