About our team

Introducing Preclose

What is Preclose?
Preclose is that crazy, chaotic period during the home buying process after an offer is submitted but before the keys are handed over, that we’ve streamlined in one central location. Pro tip: you may refer to this period as contract-to-closing, and recall it’s generally handled painfully offline.

Our founding team has been in the real estate, tech, and mortgage industries for over 15 years, so we’ve seen the massive change technology can have on an industry. After years with one of the leading real estate CRM companies, we witnessed the massive shift real estate agents and consumers have made to take this business online. The closing process is the one piece of the puzzle that’s been left behind. With this huge opportunity staring us in the face, we knew we could support real estate agents in a way that would allow them to change their businesses in many ways. Our goal is to bring automation, digitization, and collaboration to a Preclose. Our team of self proclaimed tech nerds and customer service champions specialize in creating processes and applications specifically for the real estate industry, not a one size fits all kind of solution.

Rebecca Guthrie, CEO

Rebecca has 15 years in the real estate and mortgage industries, focusing on streamlining business operations through processes and technology. After years with one of the leading real estate CRM companies, she watched the massive shift of the real estate industry to take transactions online. However, quickly noticed the closing process is the one piece of the puzzle that’s been left behind. With this huge opportunity staring her in the face, she knew there was a way to support real estate agents in a way that would allow them to build their business for the future. Rebecca is a problem solver and believes processes are meant to be improved upon.

Scott Stein, VP Sales

Scott brings three decades of corporate strategy, marketing, and business development experience from the SaaS industry to Preclose. As VP of Sales, Scott is responsible for developing the go-to-market strategy for the Preclose platform, including initial market introduction and sales channel development. In addition to his business relationships with leading banks, credit unions and strategic technology partners, Scott contributes fun facts about cooking, gardening, and wood duck box building. You can usually find him giving an interactive demo of our latest product enhancements.

Nancy Padgett, Transaction Coordinator

Nancy has spent the last 15 years in real estate as a residential real estate agent and aclosing coordinator for a high volume closing attorney.  She also spent 8 years with one of Charleston's original tech companies, Automated Trading Desk.  Nancy is an Organization Super Hero, Process Driven Ninja, and all around Real Estate Rock Star.  With a passion for customer service, innovation and technology, she's a fierce advocate for her clients and her team.

Brandon Underwood, Software Engineer (a.k.a Code Ninja Unicorn)

As a software engineer and full-stack developer, Brandon focuses on writing code, mainly javascript, to develop the Preclose product and enhance the ultimate user experience. He eats constantly, dislikes the number 6, and keeps a well stocked stash of bubblegum at his desk at all times. He's never met a stranger and helps the team maintain an always positive outlook.

Justin Kaldenbach, Software Engineer

As a full-stack developer, Justin writes code in javascript and python, and owns the critical role of planning our roadmap and keeping the Engineering team on task. He has a lot of hobbies he wishes he had the time to enjoy, such as kayaking, woodworking, hauling things, and is secretly an expert dog trainer. Justin's former job was designing sewers for the City of Frankfort and Lexington, Kentucky.

Jet Balagatas, Software Engineer (a.k.a The Exterminator)

Jet is a Software Engineer, but is also our "de facto QA Master,” and is critical to the integrity of Preclose. Although QA is much of a team effort, Jet’s bug finding and fixing skills are so precise we like to think of him as our in-house “exterminator.” He is a direct descendant of Philippine National Heroes, on both sides of the family, from the Philippine revolution against Spanish rule in the late 1800s. He loves anything that goes fast on wheels, and his favorite sport is squash.

Raymond Smith, Software Engineer

Ray primarily works in javascript and python and owns the development of the Preclose API. He's a full-stack developer, our integrations expert, and has a wealth of the most random, but useful information. He was a former strength coach for the Chicago Whitesox and enjoys building anything from furniture, to cars, to code.