Take the Chaos Out of Closings

Contract-to-closing automation software for real estate teams and brokers

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Pre•close (noun) – that crazy, chaotic period during the home buying process after an offer is accepted and concludes with a closed sale. Also called contract-to-closing period.
(definition courtesy of the masterminds at Preclose)

Closings are a tough job, but someone has to do it. Let Preclose make things easier!

Automatically assign action items to service professionals to keep closings on track and on time.

Allow home buyers and service professionals to easily collaborate online.

Provide clients instant access and visibility to the status of their closing.

Create a Preclose experience your network will love and share with their friends!


Leverage Preclose tools for a seamless and stress free closing experience.

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Automated Workflows

Preclose action items are automatically assigned to service professionals and home buyers based on your contract contingencies. In other words, we'll provide an instant roadmap to get you from contract to closing.

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Real Time Notifications

Reminders are sent when deadlines are approaching, and instant notifications are sent when milestones are complete. No more wasted time setting follow-up reminders and calling for status updates.

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Shared to-dos hold everyone accountable by bubbling up critical items to the surface, and creating a sense of urgency to meet deadlines.

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Team Friendly

Agents can assign transaction coordinators to their Preclose to keep track of deadlines, forms, and contact information for multiple contracts with ease, allowing your team the bandwidth to manage more transactions.

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An in-app chat feature allows for easy communication within a Preclose. Quarantined conversations can even prevent lost emails or sending documents to the wrong person.

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Document Storage

Document storage and digital signing capabilities allow documents to be shared. Only professionals granted permission can view or share the documents, keeping sensitive information secure.

The Preclose Experience

Create a Preclose experience your team and clients will thank you for!

From Your Transaction Coordinator

“I love having closing automation software. Real time notifications keep us on track because I'm not waiting on agents to forward inspections while they're out showing property. We've cut so many inefficiencies I never knew were costing so much time.”

-   Your Transaction Coordinator

From Your Lender

“I was able to watch every step of the process without playing phone tag with our agent. I’m never without my phone so I knew exactly where my preclose was the entire time!”

-   Your Home Buyers

From Your Home Buyer

“My job has never been easier. Organized chats and documents are always on hand and I never have to go searching for a file. This app is a huge win for our team and the agents we work with!”

-   Your Lending Partner